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GREG HORN - Managing Director/Partner, William Hood & Company

“I have worked with Bonnie on a variety of marketing and product launches over the course of two decades. She is an unusual combination of creative and organized, with a deep understanding of the nutrition consumer and the ability to bridge sometimes technical innovations in a way that they will understand, react to, and ultimately buy. She is bright, collaborative, and disciplined: Someone who is both a pleasure to work with and who gets results.”



“It is such a joy to work with Bonnie! Bringing her in as a consultant to a nutritional start-up was one of our best decisions. Bonnie led the branding, positioning, and messaging for our new line of dietary supplements. She is extremely knowledgeable in the space. Her overall strategic discipline coupled with creative skills (a great copy writer) was critical to our success in being launch ready in 9 months. She is also extremely hard working, can handle time pressured projects and is a great business partner.”


CHRIS HILLARY - Co-Founder Vital Planet

“I had the pleasure of working with Bonnie Cooper for over 10 years during my tenure at Renew Life. Bonnie has a keen understanding of strategic marketing principles and extensive knowledge of the natural products industry...she knows what it takes to build market leading brands. As head of the US sales organization at Renew Life, I worked closely with Bonnie. She collaborated well with the sales team and delivered best in class marketing tools and data-driven strategic recommendations for new products, new target markets, etc. Bonnie's experience ranges from day-to-day hands-on project management to executive planning, board level participation and company sale involvement.”


RON FUGATE - Operating Partner at Linden Capital Partners

“I had the pleasure of working with Bonnie at Renew Life for an all too brief three years. Bonnie led the Marketing team through a remarkable period of productive transformation - using consumer insights to refine brand strategy, develop highly effective TV copy, update 100% of existing packaging, deploy vastly improved digital and social media tools, and guide successful new product development. Through all this change Bonnie served as the voice of existing consumers and maintained critical elements of Renew Life's heritage. Bonnie is a highly effective process leader and cross-function communicator and earned the loyalty and respect of Finance, Sales, Supply Chain, Legal/Regulatory and New Products. Her poised and professional manner and her own example of hard work and focus delivered outstanding results. She was a key contributor in achieving the successful sale of Renew Life to Clorox. As a CEO, I can provide my strong recommendation of Bonnie and would gladly work with her again.”


KEN VARGHA - 4 Exit & IPO Executive

“Bonnie has excellent Marketing skills and knowledge based upon years of agency and client side experience. She has strong depth in the dietary supplement market and good insights based upon her nearly two decades in the industry. She is able to manage teams well and ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget. Importantly, Bonnie is not afraid to speak her mind and express her opinions even if they are different than the prevailing POV. She has a high ability to manage details and ensure accuracy in addition to setting the strategy. She is an asset to any organization.”

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